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Karissa Kocjancic
4 min readDec 15, 2022

Your dharma is the work your soul came here to do, it can look different depending upon the chapter of your life you’re in but is almost always directly correlated to your “why”. The reason your soul chose to come here during this time due to the work you are committed to doing.

My why is to be who I needed when I was younger. To connect with myself and my inner child in a way that is trauma informed, healing, and allows little me to feel safe showing up in this world in her greatest capacity that supports her wildest dreams.

How I feel I am meant to do that is through the work and lense of yoga, trauma informed care, and shining the mirror and the flashlight on others as a guide that helps them reconnect with themselves.

I am only as capable of connecting others with themselves as I am tapped into and able to connect with myself.

For it is the true empirical work of healing that feels like a homecoming, or rather a creation of a home that was never there to begin with. A safe physical body. A calm regulated nervous system. In order to offer coregulation in this effect, I must first prioritize my own self-regulation.

This is the beginning and this is the end. This flips the script from selfishness, to selflessness in a way so many others need to hear. Because of our conditioning in this society to be codependent, to give from a place of service and martyr ourselves at the expense of ourselves this is one of the greatest messages we can get across in the healing and helping world.

The greatest gift I can give you is to take care of myself, the greatest gift you can give me is to take care of yourself. Yoga means “in relationship” Yoga is the relationship of the breathe and of the body. It is a practice of connecting to ourselves and our nervous system. It is here where we learn about ourselves, where we listen to ourselves, our breathe, our intuition, for the messages only we can provide to ourselves. We are self healers and our greatest healers. This is the work we must all commit to for a stronger, more peaceful, society. The work of loving ourselves so deeply and so strongly, that we no longer take things personal. That our society transforms in a way where there is no longer this expectation for us to caretake at the expense of ourselves, but rather the true…

Karissa Kocjancic

Lover of life. Believer of people. Connoisseur of growth. Mom. RYT-500. & Certified Life Coach at www.powerhouseprana.com and www.jrni.co