Let Go and Trust

Karissa Kocjancic
3 min readJun 17, 2023
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Do you know the final step to manifestation? It is less about doing and more about letting go of control and trusting. It is perhaps the most integral part of the manifestation process itself. So, you’ve written down what it looks like when it all goes as well as it possibly can and now, you’re just waiting. Waiting for the person, place, thing, relationship, house you, name it, to show up. Waiting for the call. The e-mail. The text.

How you choose to handle this liminal space is nothing short of a test of your spiritual journey. Your faith and confidence in the unknown. In yourself. In the universe having your back.

If you have done everything you could at this point. Showed up as your best self. Prepared. Put in the work. Your test now is in the waiting. It is in the letting go. Realizing your fate, your destiny, is exactly where it should be on your journey. That what is for you will not pass you. That rejection is redirection. That at the end of the day we only want what wants us. That your value is that of gold.

If you believe in yourself, if you trust the universe has your back, there can be so much peace and solace to be found in this waiting period. I like to try the mantra “what is for me will not pass me” “I have everything I need within me” and that “anything is possible” setting the intention that I want what is for my highest good, and for my ultimate evolution.

If you trust that the universe is listening to conversations behind closed doors, you don’t have access to; that there is infinite knowledge at play and the outcome will ultimately be for your highest purpose and path; this part of letting go and trusting can be extremely rewarding. It fosters a relationship container of self trust and confidence. That no matter what the outcome you will be ok; a brief glimpse into the past can tell you that.

Lets try something. Reflect on a time in the past that you wanted something so incredibly bad because of the “idea” you had curated. You got the thing, the relationship, the job, etc., You were so attached to the “possession” of such thing; and it ended up being a teacher; a lesson in what you didn’t want.

Now let's assume whatever lesson was acquired above has now been metabolized, meaning you’ve upleveled your learnings in at least the capacity that for now…



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