Trauma, Triggers & Glimmers*

Karissa Kocjancic
5 min readSep 15
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Disclaimer: Writer has written as of late, but not published. I guess I’ve felt in this space where my feelings didn’t make sense; and therefore, neither did my writing. That it was all abstract and non-linear. That I didn’t know how to package it up and put a pretty bow on top of it.

And then I realized. That is never the writer nor the type of human I’ve aspired to be. My writing is a process of self reflection and connection. To self. And others. I hope that it inspired a feeling of relatability. Makes someone somewhere feel less alone. Admittedly, it makes me feel less isolated and alone on my own journey to take pen to paper or finger to keyboard..

And so it will be and it is. Whatever it is. It is my art form. Or one of them. It is how I choose to heal myself. And how I hope to make others feel less alone on their journey of healing, too.

That maybe in exposing my own humanness I can free someone else to do the same in their own imperfectly perfect way.

There is a sense of freedom to this perspective. Freedom of Self. Non attachment to outcomes. If I never make money from a word I write but inspire someone else somewhere it has all been worth it.

May my words today be of service to you.

Annica — yes all is temporary however how we show up giving ourselves grace and space I do believe will determine how temporary these emotional states are. Suppressing leads to stagnation.

The overflow of the tears, the anger, the reactivity that refuses to be suppressed is the trigger and the key to unlocking the solution.

And these emotions are not problems that need to be fixed, yet states that need to be honored and bared witness to.

We often talk about how so many of us don’t cry or get angry or express ourselves fully not because we don’t want to or it doesn’t come naturally but rather because of how others react.

Think of the last time you became emotional. Did those around you attempt to “fix” you? As if you’re broken as if you are not resourced enough to tap into your own wellspring and uncover only the answer that lies within you.

I believe one of the greatest ways we can support ourselves and others lies in acceptance…

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